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Friday, February 25, 2011

She Shark Superstar; Barbara Corcoran

She's the kind of shark you want in your tank. Sensitive, sensible, sexy, savy, fashionable and a fantastic storyteller, she-shark real estate superstar, Barbara Corcoran, brought it all to another great SmartTalk! 
Straight D's in high school and college and twenty two jobs by the time she was twenty three, success came for Barbara after borrowing $1000 from her boyfriend. She created the Corcoran Group, which became a five-billion dollar real estate business! 
Today she's a real estate contributor on NBC's TODAY Show, star on ABC's hit reality show Shark Tank, and author of three best selling books:
Inspiration: Ten kids, one bath, bread drawers as sock drawers, a hard working-job quiting-music at bedtime-fun loving Dad, and a sweet and cool Mom, the "true genius" behind her families' success.
In the smallest apartment in the neighborhood with the most kids, she managed to emphasize the positive and masterfully motivate Barbara and her sibs. Lots of love, and laughs, and making the best of what you have. Definitely, a recipe worth copying:)
How to get noticed: Waitressing she tried to make tips with a Dolly Parton look alike as competition at the next counter.
Mom's advice, "put ribbons in her pig tails." It worked! She started getting customers, making tips, and met her first love.
" I found out men love the look of an innocent virgin just as much as Dolly Parton." SOOOOO Funny!
Heartache: She turned uncertainty, heartache and drama into a motivating force. She'd started a successful real estate company with her boyfriend, only to have him announce he was in love with their secretary and going to marry her. She got up her nerve to set out on her own, and his "you'll never succeed without me" helped drive her on to become a superstar in the real estate world!
Barbara's tips:
1. There are two kinds of people, expanders and containers, "they make a musical combination"
2. FUN is good for business,
3. The big guy has the corner on money, but the small guy has the corner on creativity and quick decision making
4. Perception creates reality (love her herring bone coat and the madonna/corcoran report stories)
5. Entrepeneurs should reinvent themselves all the time
6. Hiring a superstar= How hard can they take a hit
7. Trust and be thankful
Barbara's real estate advice:
Great time to buy, but it's a scary time to be the only one in line on an investment purchase.
Today's market is good time to buy if trading up. You may take a discount on your sale, but you'll be getting a discount on your purchase:)

Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business.

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