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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meeting Jane Goodall

Jane greeted guests back stage at SmartTalk with her soft spoken accent and quite wisdom, wearing a lovely, vintage looking pendant, and crimson shaw. It's hard to believe she'll be turning 80 years young this spring. 
Jane signed the celebrity wall adding an ape:)
Not too far from another animal loving celebrity, Cesar Millan.
Jane wrote a message in the book I brought.  I told her my daughter really wanted to meet her, but couldn't make it due to illness. She said, "she could join my Roots and Shoots youth program." I said yes, I'll tell her.
It was so cool to hear about Jane's life. She loved animals and the family farm as a child . She had a dream to go to Africa. Jane gave special thanks to her mother for her love, understanding, and support to follow her dreams! 
Her mother even accompanied her on her first trip to Africa!
Sleeping in a tent and fending for herself while Jane was off each morning researching.
Jane said she travels 300 days of the year! Her life and experiences are amazing. She has so many neat books that not only share information about the primate world, but help support the causes Jane's created like JGI Institute.
I'm so glad SmartTalk invited her to speak this year. Her programs are inspiring and bring HOPE!
Ticket winners, Lois Tolmie Houff and Donna Tolmie Gray, and myself after the show. We met Jane and had our books signed:)

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