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Monday, March 27, 2017

DIY Easter basket liner

Pretty-up an Easter basket with a cute, DIY, liner made from up-cycled fabric. 
It was fair weather this past weekend, so I spray painted outdoors.  For two baskets, used two whole cans of spray paint, yikes. I sprayed the inside first. Took my dog for a walk and let them dry.
Then flipped and sprayed the bottoms.
how to paint an Easter basket
For the fabric liners, I reused the bicycle basket liners I made last Spring. 
how to make an Eater basket liner from a recycled shirt
I trimmed a bit of fabric off the bottom of the gray and white stripe liner. Re-stitched the bottom closed. Then added box corners, for a better fit. 
This pink and gray, girls top, size large, is a perfect fit for my large egg shaped basket. 
I made the liner just like my bicycle basket liners, except I machine stitched box corners.
how to spray paint and Easter basket, DIY Easter basket liner from up cycled fabric
Now all we need is some Easter candy!
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    1. Thank you. So glad you stopped by Bobi<3

  2. Thank you for adding this to the Spring Craft Blog Hop collection! I think this idea is so perfect for mamas like me that loathe the fake Easter grass. I especially love how you repurposed a shirt for your gray and pink liner! I wanted to let you know that I've featured this at my Friday Favorites this week. Have a hoppy Easter weekend!

    1. Awe, thank you so much!!!! Enjoy Spring Break<3