Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Ghost and Mrs Muir

One of my all time favorite, spirited, classic movies is 
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, 1947. 
The story is funny, insightful, and romantic. 
Breathtaking B&W cinematography combined with a clever script makes this a must see! 
Screen play- Philip Dunne (based on a novel by R.A. Dick) Director- Joseph L. Mankiewicz.
In the movie, set turn of the century, a beautiful widow (Lucy Muir played by Gene Tierney), determined to live on her own, moves to Gull Cottage along the English seacoast. The house is known to be haunted by a ghost (Captain Gregg played by Rex Harrison.) 
Charmed by the cottage, Mrs. Muir, daughter Anna, and Martha (her maid) move in anyway.  I don't want to give away too much if you haven't seen it already. So, put this one in your streaming Que! 
Visit my post vintage bathing suit to see my family's heirloom swim suit, similar to the one Lucy wore in the movie.
According to HookedonHouses  the movie was filmed entirely in California. Stop over to her blog for more scene photos and story details. 
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

no sew infinity scarf

Infinity scarves are fashionable and fun!
You can make one with an up-cycled stretch knit top. For my project, I selected a Summer top from my donate basket. The retro green and circle lace pattern look so pretty. 
Shop your own closet, donate basket or thrift store for a top to refashion.  Then, follow my guide make a no sew up cycled infinity scarf . 
It's one of the simplest refashions!
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