Wednesday, April 16, 2014

18 DIY Easter Eggs

     I've put together a really cool collection of my favorite, DIY, egg designs, that you can make, using basic household items, foods, and craft supplies. Numbered photos match designer's listed a the bottom of the page.
     Egg decorating and Easter egg hunts have always been big favorites, in my family. My sister is famous for creating elaborate, Easter egg hunts, with mysterious messages, clues, and pictograms that lead to candy and baskets. It's a whole lot of fun!
     We also like egg coloring and decorating, too. It's amazing to see our kids, young and old, and some of us grown ups, meticulously dipping eggs, from spoons, into colored dyes, turning, basting and mixing to get that perfect color. It's super fun and relaxing. So, take a look through your craft drawers and boxes because I'm sure you have some of the items needed. Choose your favorite designs, get the kids together, and have fun!
Some household materials to look for:
hard boiled eggs, plastic eggs, or wood eggs
google eyes
hot glue gun
elmer's glue
sharpie markers
jute yarn
rubber bands
craft paint
metallic craft paint
glitter paint
gold leaf paper
chalk board paint
coffee filter
bubble wrap
sticker letters
Easter Egg Designers List:
1. Beautiful, blue, vegetable-dyed Easter eggs created by Rachelle of the Tinker Lab.
2. Cute egg in a cup from Stephanie at Show Home.
3. Sweet and simple, inspirational eggs by Jaime Lyn of Crafty Scrappy Happy.
4. Monsieur egg from Trisha at Momdot.
5. Cool chalkboard eggs from Kristin at Kikis Craft Corner.
6. Easter egg party eggs in a coffee filter basket by Nicole Hill Gerulat found via the website Real Simple.
7. Twine wrapped Easter eggs from Nici of Posed Perfection.
8.Gold Leaf Easter Eggs from Allison of Dream a Little Bigger's blog.
9. Stef, from Girl Inspired , has some gorgeous glitter Easter eggs.
10. Alisa Burke's amazing every day eggs decorated with household items like a white-out pen, q-tips, bubble wrap, and sharpies.
11. Melted crayon Easter eggs by Jean of the Artful Parent.
12.Adorable coffee brown with bows Easter eggs by Simply Kierste.
13. Cross stitch cuties found on Show Home.
14. Mod metallic Easter basket eggs by Rachel at Architecture of a Mom
15. Modern number eggs from Taryn at Design Dinning and Diapers.
16. 5 minute painted eggs by Angie from the Darice Craft blog.
17. Punch bowl created pretty pink stripes using rubber bands.
18. Hand drawn eggs by Sara from Confetti Sunshine.