Sunday, July 20, 2014

thank you Pa

My father-n-law, KC, also known as Pa, who recently passed, was a Dr. of Chemistry and worked in the Hot Melt Adhesive Division of Dupont, where he retired some years back. He was also an Ensign in the Navy during WWII. He talked to me once about those days, and how many thousands of  US men had died. His ship was in the Pacific heading for Japan, just before "the BOMB" was dropped. He said it was an awful thing, but he was pretty sure if not for the bomb, he would have died too. 
Pa once told me he thought Heaven was on Earth. And, the best discipline/parenting advice he ever gave me was, "if you tell your kids your gonna do something, you better do it." He now joins his lovely wife Adrienne, my husband's mom. For me, the coming together of these two people, represented the beauty of life and the classic-essence of a "groovy couple":) R.I.P.
A huge thank you for his service! Oh yeah, and thanks for the hot glue, Pa <3 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY sharpie mugs

Sharpie mugs are so popular right now. I saw this anchor infinity design on a tattoo and thought it would look cool on a cup!
Coming soon.....Follow my how-to at Guidecentral. 

Make a fun, mustache mug, for Dad this Father's Day.
(view my how-to at Parade Magazine)
diy sharpie mustache mug for Dad
 Draw a different mustache design on either side of your mug. Even if your Dad already has a mustache, I'm sure he'll love it. Take some funny photos of Dad using his mug and upload to your social media!
Just a little reminder to give Mom a call:)
This design is sure to make Mom smile and I'm sure will be her favorite! 
Or, try snowman mug gifts
  I bought mugs here and there through the season, and made snowman mugs for my nieces and nephews. Instead of marshmallows or cocoa, each mug had a pair of slipper socks tucked inside.  The cousins loved them! 
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