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Monday, May 4, 2015

DIY pillow for Mom

Make your own pillowcase appliqué for Mother's Day! Find out how here. Purchase a pretty pillowcase for your Mom in my Etsy shop

Love this b&w photo with MOM, center, her sister Joan on the left and her cousin Bubby on the right.
She loved the beach. I do too! In the polaroid below, I'm wearing my first sailor style two piece. It was a bit big, and the strap is falling off!

Mom (far left) with girl friends, 1950's! 
My Mother taught me to be patient and loving. She was beautiful, smart, and fun. I miss her!
Happy Mother's Day!
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Que sera sera

que sera sera song Doris Day show
Do you have a favorite retro TV show? 
I love the Doris Day show, and I often watch it on my lunch hour. This show pioneered a television character who was a Mom and a career woman! The 5 season comedy  series starts out with farm family stories. Then it switches gears, and Doris becomes a career woman living the groovy city life in San Francisco. The clever writers also address controversial topics for that era, but I really love the colorful 70's fashions<3 
Doris Day Show
Que Sera Sera is the theme song for the Doris Day Show. I recently bought the cutest hand stamped spoon pendant with that phrase from Julie's Junquetique shop on Esty. 

que sera sera song Doris Day Show, spoon pendant and DIY chain

Here are part of the sweet song lyrics.......
Que Sera Sera
"When I was a little girl, I asked my Mother what will I be. Will I be pretty, will I be rich, and here's what she said to me. Que sera sera, whatever will be will be. The future's not ours to see. Que sera sera." Song by Doris Day

Did you know you can find pretty pendant chain at your home improvement store. It's sold in the lighting department. It's a yard in length, super inexpensive, and you can cut it to the length you like. 
Doris Day is famous for her movies, music and her love of animalsDoris Day Animal foundation
Doris Day Animal Foundation
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