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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

DIY lighthouse

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Do you love lighthouses? This one is easy to make and fun for Summer! All you need are some plastic flower pots, paint, and a lantern. Ikea lanterns are perfect for the light on top. Antique lanterns look super cool too. I made my oil lantern safer, by taking off the bottom (luckily it just unscrewed) and placing the battery powered light from an old Halloween lantern, underneath! 
Then, light up your garden, porch or patio!
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Sunday, July 2, 2017

DIY seashell wreath

It's easy to make an awesome nautical style door wreath, using shells and other coastal treasures that you collect along the shore. All you need for the project is hot glue, a glue gun, and a grape vine wreath from your local craft shop! Star fish and sand dollars really help add that wow factor to your wreath, but they're harder to find. 
 how to make a DIY seashell wreath, nautical wreath, beach wreath
 I bought some at a specialty shell shop Sea Shell City while we were on vacation. They had a spectacular shell selection, and a really neat maritime museum upstairs. The sales staff carefully wrapped all my items in tissue paper and boxed them to prevent breakage! They did a great job with the wrapping, because nothing got broken. And I've had the box stored away for over a year.
 how to make a DIY seashell wreath, nautical wreath, beach wreath
Before I added glue, I arranged my items on the wreath to get an idea of spacing and symmetry.  I chose a alternating pattern and repeated it around, allowing space between items. Next, I added a little hot glue to the back of each shell, and then pressed them carefully onto my wreath. 
how to make a DIY seashell wreath, nautical wreath, beach wreath
It was super easy! Now my house has that beach house feel all Summer!  
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