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Monday, January 13, 2014

DIY fleece valentine heart scarf

My post contains an affiliate link to help fill my crafting piggy bank. 
There are always fleece remnants at my local fabric store on sale! I found this pretty pink one, and it was almost the exact size for a scarf. They had some cool army camo pieces I may go back for. See how I trimmed the ends and added machine blanket stitch accents in my guide make a pretty heart scarf from plain fleece.  
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  1. What a shame about your thread running out - don't you just hate that. The good news for us is that you made the mistake so we don't have to! The scarf is lovely, one of my favourite colours (second only to red). I assuming the stitching round the edge is just decorative, or did you turn a seam?

    1. Hi Julia. Yes, i hate that. I've been using very large economy thread spools.
      The gal who rang me out, when I bought my last spool, said she considered it quite an accomplishment when she uses one up. So, I almost never think of checking my top spool.
      Yes, my stitching is only decorative. I love how the edges of fleece don't run:) Thank you so much for your compliments and stopping by!

  2. Beautiful,very nice idea!
    Have a lovely week.

  3. Michele this is so pretty! I have found the remnants to be a gold mine as well. Pinning :)

    xo, Tanya

  4. I love this! So cute!!

    Thanks for sharing at Artsy Corner Link Party! You were featured today!!

  5. It's a very lovely scarf, and I looooooooove the color!

    1. Thanks Winnie! I don't wear much pink, but thought it was a nice change from my favorite, gray, lol:)