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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Halloween treat bag

Halloween pillowcases make the perfect trick-or-treat bags for ghouls and goblins! You can make your own using fabric fuse and recycled fabric. No time to craft, buy one in my Sewsweetvintageco Etsy shop. 
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Have you ever stopped into Ikea's last chance room? That's where I found this pillowcase for $1. I bought a bunch more full price upstairs. Don't you just love getting a bargain like that! 
I found the little mouse at a summer craft show in Maine. My dog chewed one of his ears off, but I tucked folded ribbon in the space:)
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  1. I love Ikea...even at regular price their stuff is priced great! I always find something to be creative with in there! Love the pillow case!

  2. Ikea is over an hour away from me so I don't go there often. When I do, I hit the sell off section right away. Cute pillow now that you dressed her up.

  3. The pillowcase is cute.
    It has a festive feel.

  4. So cute!! I wish we had an Ikea around (the nearest is about 2 hours.)

    1. Thanks Susan. My husband and i joke about planning a trip just to travel around stopping in to different IKEA stores:)

  5. It's all precious! I wish we had an IKEA nearby... I can't drive by one without stopping, though! Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous finds at the linky party! :)

  6. Amazing dear! So cute!
    Have a great day! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club